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Whether it is a book, a hit song, a published column, or a groundbreaking blog, Ilene Angel has been inspiring people for much of her life.

Angel is an award-winning #1 songwriter and one-third of the band The Inspire Project, whose catchphrase, “passion, purpose and possibility,” says a lot about what she herself embodies.

Reading music before she read words, Ilene Angel wrote her first pop song by the time she was nine. Pursuing both voice and piano, she got her bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, before returning to her native New York to study at The Juilliard School.

Though grateful for her classical training, Angel’s passion was always songwriting, so she switched venues from concert halls to nightclubs and local New York television shows, where she began performing her own songs. This eventually led to her winning the prestigious Songwriters’ Hall of Fame Abe Olman Award for her ballad “Silence Where Love Used to Be.”

A short time later, on a fateful trip to Nashville, Angel attended a writers’ night at the renowned Bluebird Café. She fell in love with the songwriting town and moved to Music City shortly thereafter. “What Paris is to painters,” Angel said, “Nashville is to songwriters.”

However, music would not be the entire story for Ilene Angel. While expanding her artistic palette in Nashville, she became more active and vocal politically, working tirelessly on two presidential campaigns, and eventually becoming an advocate for issues of social justice that impact millions.

While frequently entertaining friends, colleagues, and complete strangers with tales of her dating life, passionate political ideals, and her rocky road toward musical success, Angel began penning her first book, a memoir titled In Search of George Stephanopoulos – A True Story of Life, Love, and the Pursuit of a Short Greek Guy.

In an effort to gain fans for her book, she started the blog In Search of…, the popularity of which led to her becoming a contributing writer for HuffPost, which she did for nearly a decade.

Now a contributor to as well as Thrive Global, Angel has recently begun broadening her horizons to include a new book, as well as public speaking about the topics on which she writes.

How to Calm the Hell Down and Be Happy is her second book.